Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bad yesterday

Yesterday was a bad day.. 

The beginning of the day was normal. But things get not so 'nice' after I lost one microchip of my group's circuit board. The circuit board has a lot of components, like LED, wire, resistor, etc.. but the most expensive component dropped off from the board. Really unlucky.. RM25 it is worth, according to the lecturer, or mayb more. =.=  My groupmates want to share the cost, but i wouldnt let them do so since it's not their fault anyway. My fault will be my own responsibility to handle. Anyway, say goodbye to the dear RM25. 

Unfortunate events continued when I started to have stomachache.. But it's not big deal, besides going to toilet for 5 times (not continuously). Probably the reason of having stomachache is due to the unfortunate event i'm going to tell after this.

I drank water from a particular container few times.. before i realized there's actually a spider inside the water container. duh.. The spider should be taught the 'ethics' of drinking water.  

Not only a bad day, yesterday was a bad night too. Two of my friends are actually facing love crisis which i dun think it can be optimistically deal with. Good luck to both of them. They made me feel like break-up season though..

Well, today is a better day, I hope and I think. Bad days are meant to make 'tomoro' better, aren't they? ;)


pigbearlover said...

i might vomit if it was me ......thats so gross....=(.....anyway, ya, u have to think happy its just rm 25 and not rm 250....and ya, things will get better is a better day =) cheers !