Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good exam schedule

Most utpians are complaining about their exam timetable, including my roommate who has a packed schedule full of continuous papers that could cause death to somebody who has a weak heart. Fortunately, I'm not one of them. Instead, i have a quite good exam timetable.

Thursday    12 Nov  9:00 12:00  Embedded Systems                             Chancellor Hall
Monday       16 Nov  2:30 17:30  Distributed Computing                        Main Hall
Wednesday 18 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Architecture & Pattern      Main Hall 
Thursday    20 Nov  9:00 12:00  Wireless Technology                           Main Hall 
Sunday        22 Nov  9:00 12:00  Investment and Portfolio Management Main Hall 
Wednesday 25 Nov  9:00 12:00  Software Testing and Reliability       Chancellor Hall 

Nice right? it has at least an one-day-gap between the subjects. Thanks to this schedule, I become so lazy.. lol 

The drawback is.. almost everyone finishes his/her exam one week earlier than me.  :(  It will sure be very irritating that time when everyone posts a "finished exam loo~, merdeka!, holiday!" that kind of shoutouts while i'm still having exam.. Think about it already made me sien.. Whatever~ I like my timetable more than the packed packed exam schedule, coz I'm a person with weak heart.. lol (dun und? read first paragraph again) 


SengYee said...

me one of them..
finish at 17 NOv..

Wei Han said...

happy la u..
sembreak + 1 week. lol