Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just got home. I think it would be fine for me to post this while waiting for my hair to dry. 

Ipoh doesnt change much. (It's just 2 weeks by the way, lol) Didn't manage to talk to mom as she was sleeping. Nothing to say with my dad like usual. and online till late late like always. 

Let's talk about KTM (dunno wat's that? i mean the train) 

I was taking KTM back home today. Few conclusions can be made:

  1. There is actually no difference between 2nd class and 3rd class, to me
  2. The train will never arrive ipoh from kl sentral (or another way round) in 3 hours
  3. Taking night train was cold~

first point: It is advisable just to buy third class ticket as it has a significantly lower price than the second class ticket. I dun really feel the difference, maybe the appearance looks uglier and maybe more dirty than second class, but those are none of my concerns. Saving RM10 for economy class (third class) is the best consumer decision, i think. 

second point: After experienced for few times, it's rarely occur to me that the train will be late for departure. But it is always late for arrival. Next time set my alarm to ring after 3 hours instead of 2.5 hours, so that i could sleep longer.

third point: bring jacket or sweater for ur body. Ur body would want it. Esp the time when you are seriously hungry. lol

A short post for today, shall update on my internship training experience next time. Hair is going to be dry anyway, gotta get ready to sleep. good night!


SengYee said...

KTM will reach on time le..
3 hours...XD

KahJoon_AJ said...

it alwaz reach on time....3hours...

Wei Han said...

it always doesnt reach on time for me.