Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the journey back to UTP

it is a delightful day. What i did 'successfully' today was I successfully played a couple hours of games. Faced failure when trying to burn an .iso file. Wasted my one hour of precious time, should have used that one hour for gaming. Anyway, as usual, my first paragraph is usually crap that is not related to the title. 

So.... i was driving back to UTP from home. When i drove till Falim/Menglembu area, only then I realized i left my Wireless Tech textbook at home. It will be a test on this subject tomoro, but due to laziness, I am no willing to return home to get the book. Just leave it be.., reducing the things I have to study tonight. ;P

And on the way, a cloudy day suddenly turned to a ferocious storm. I mean 'suddenly' as in really 'suddenly'. It's like I have to turn my wiper on to its fastest wiping rate while originally it was off.  Then it was so exciting, what i could see was just the 2 red lights of the car in front. And gosh, they were driving so slow. =.=  

It is very tiring to drive under the stormy weather. I had to pay 50% more attention than before. I couldnt have 0.5 second break for my eyes to look at the other places. All the way, I'd been seeing just the two red lights of the car in front. Tiring and boring. 

There was one most exciting 'event' that I encountered just now.  Do you play CS ? (counter strike la, wat else?)  Do you experience that situation when suddenly you see a flashbang was thrown towards you? Yeah, i experienced that just now too. For my case, it was a 'hydro'bang instead of a flashbang. When this really cute heavy big monstrous vehicle splash this huge wave of 'tsunami' to my car, I was like "OH SHITTTttt!", then it gave me 1 second hydrobang blinding effect. Total PANIC during that 1 second of blindness. The only thing i could do was to wait the wiper wipe the 'hydrobang' out. TERRIFYING!

On the way too, i was worried that my car tires got something wrong, my engine may be filled by water and all sorts of worries. But luckily, when the sky suddenly turns brighter and the rain becomes less heavy. That's the time when my heart says "phew~". 

And yah, i reached UTP safely. And only then i regret, why didnt I buy KFC as my dinner when I was still in Ipoh just now.. duh~