Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's puasa today~~

Tuesday is the best weekday of all. The reason is because the first class for today (Tuesday) is 11am. Throughout my all 6 semesters in UTP, this is the first time i managed to get a 11am first class of the day. Based on past history, 70% of my classes started at 8am, 25% started at 9am and 5% started at 10am. But this sem, 11am! that's just soooooo happy! (i cant figure out which word is better).

Ok, let's get back to the topic. (My first paragraph is always a crap, sorry ya, my usual style) SO, I've decided to fast today. I guess you all should know that the uni i'm currently in now has a majority of muslims. Since national day is near, and it promotes the term "satu Malaysia". As a patriotic citizen, I've decided to join the majority to fast today. (today only). This is a good attitude that should be learned by all our nation citizens. This is how we achieve peace!  (kononnya) I hope you all can learn this patriotic spirit from me. lol

Okay, time to reveal the truth. Why am I fasting today? the main reason is lazy to find food. (TOLD ya i'm lazy) The second reason is I want to try fasting.. I've been wanting to try it since 2 years ago. And proudly, i could tell you all, i failed to fast everytime. Sigh... since u all are my loyal blog readers, i feel guilty to lie to you all. Okay, honestly tell u all, my second reason is a crap also.. :P

Puasa doesnt mean u dun eat anything at all throughout the day. You still eat something for breakfast right? So did I. Muslims woke up at 5 something am and ate their breakfast before 6am. The only difference between me and them was I ate my breakfast at 10.25 am. :P Well, I must admit I'm a person who respects and symphatizes others. I 'secretly' ate my breakfast in my room, locking the door, just to make sure i wouldnt tempt other muslims to break their fast. I think, it's hard to find such a generous person nowadays. I guess i should feel proud of it. (today eat wrong medicine, keep praising myself) Oh ya, there's one more difference between my way of fasting and theirs.. I still drink water but the dont. HAHA.


drinking milk.. (secretly) :P

u are probably thinking this in ur mind now: "cheh~, that's not fasting at all!" And i must comment something on ur this thinking! U are RIGHT! i'm not fasting at all! lol..

**i shall edit the title to "skipping lunch", haha.. but i wont. :P



Chiang Jinn said...

just wanna make u feel envious
i start my class at 2pm on thursday
baru want to try fasting 2day
should do so during famine 30 ma

Wei Han said...

famine 30?
tat time went home d..
busy playing at home. Playing requires energy aso.. :P

[~*Erlina~*] said...

y wan to puasa so suddenly?

Wei Han said...

i dunno e..
lazy to eat gua.
or saja saja nak try.