Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Few thoughts before my new semester starts..

Oh.. usually at this moment of time, i'm very moody. Not that I hate UTP, it's just i dun like having stress in studying especially after holiday.  Imagine those quizzes, assignments, projects, tests together pressure me to death, transforming me into a pancake (dun und? then u still need time to absorb WeiHan's style humour).

Nevertheless, I can't stop time. And i will remain as rubbish if i'm still in holiday. How many days left... Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. 4 days left only.. thinking bout tat will just make me upset. Sigh.. sienz... dun talk bout this topic.. making me moody only.

By the way, I just finished the Korean drama, boys over flower. Why would I watch it in the first place? Probably bcoz of my girl seniors and frens who keep screaming how nice it was in their msn/ g-talk. And i do agree with them, it was really not bad. Perhaps it has been a long time since i last watched any drama and series, not to mention a love drama. It certainly did touch me on some romantic scenes. Ah... I promise myself not to watch any love drama in this short while.. Made me wanting to fall in love only.. swt swt.

Back to the sienz topic, nex sem would be my second year second sem. It will be my 5th semester in UTP... time flies... It was already 2 years and half i'm studying in UTP. Still remember back then when it was 2007, I entered UTP in January. Now become 'kinda' senior d. Furthermore, the fact that i am going for internship training this end of year makes me feel even more 'senior'. I'm glad actually.. Fed up on studying, studying, studying, marks, marks, marks, and exams, exams and exams. I believe it would be an amazing experience to work and EARN money. haha.. I've never worked before. People say it's tiring. Before it's my turn to work, I gotta study very very hard for this coming semester. lol.. I mz not get very lousy result before Internship.. haha. Wei han Wei han, fighting! lol.. (copied from the korean drama i watch). 

the drama i watched.. actually the girl super cute.. lol.. but stupid.. haha. 


Chiang Jinn said...

haha^^ really cant understand ur humour..feel so cold =.="
btw, just enjoy the rest of ur holiday la..don come back too early too earky to feed the mosquitoes, just like what u said :P