Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lone trip to KL

Ehm.. actually i'm not so sure on why i choose to go KL alone. Probably, I've not been travelling for quite sometime. Maybe, I just want to visit my cousin's house. Or perhaps, I want to see and try to get used to the environment of my 'future internship workplace'. 

I bought a train ticket from my friend, with RM1 discount. ;) (it's just tat i dun have enough change that time, and yeah.. i dun plan to return the money. kekeke) It was my first time taking train in Malaysia. (My first time of taking train was in Vietnam) Actually, it wasnt so comfortable. I was facing this difficulty of sleeping in the train. The reason is: i dunno the travelling route of the train. I had to keep an eye on every station to check if it's the right one to get down. So, i couldnt sleep, have to wake up everytime to check the station. 

Also, I almost went to KL station instead of KL central. How could I know that they are different? Luckily i asked the 'supplier' of the train ticket, else..  lol. It's fun to travel alone sometimes. It's an exploration. Figuring out how to go here and there, using LRT. Oh ya.. I ACCIDENTALLY stole a LRT card. sry ya. I jz followed the aunties ahead, they didnt give back the card, i aso follow lo.. After that i called the supplier of the train ticket, then only i confirmed that the lrt card has to be returned.. But.. it was too late.  haha.

I stayed over in my cousin's house. We went to Sunway Plaza? Mall? i didnt know what they call it. lol.. Jz went there blindly for dinner. We ate Japanese cuisine.. hehe.. Uncle belanja.. tat was why i ordered low cost food. (not so low cost, but it's almost the cheapest there). Ppl belanja, how could i order expensive expensive lea.. paiseh ma. 

My cousin's house was amazing.. Since almost all my blog readers aren't my relatives, so i didnt plan to describe it in details. Guess what I did in their house? Online and play comp games till 4am. lol.. I guess if i couldn't get to online , i would feel very uncomfortable, same symptoms as taking drugs. And, a bit pai seh for waking up at 12.30 noon at relative house. Though it's pretty common in my house. But.. paiseh la. 

I really came to enjoy my holiday there. I did nothing that is related to my internship thingy. lol. When i told my sis, she 'zha dou'. I enjoyed spending my time there.. It was a nice trip. Thanks to 7th uncle and his family for treating me so nicely. :)

Another 'gain' of this trip was on the train returning back Ipoh. I was so lucky to listen to a wise man talking about religions. Honestly, to those who didnt know that I'm a free thinker currently, it's time for u to know it now. :P And honestly again, for those who had told me bout religions and persuaded me or influenced me, u all did it badly (but i appreciate it) This wise man told me alot about religions. And it did influence me a bit. He didnt convince me to enter any religion but he convince me to have a religion, which is a time for me to think about it. I'm gonna analyze and recontruct my thoughts on what he said later.

Ok.. overall, the trip is not lonely.. Of coz there was time when i feel boring in the train, and that's the time i started to sms ppl. lol.. Didnt receive my sms? shame on u.  Jz kidding.. kakaka. 



KahJoon_AJ said...

thank godness I got received ur msg...(altho it was just a reply from my msg) haha...

Wei Han said...

haha.. else i would be lost in KL..

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, i oways travel myself.

So, whre r u going to do ur internship?!

[~*Erlina~*] said...

Wat a brother~
shame on u!