Sunday, July 12, 2009

result out

Result out yesterday, i checked it at 2.00 am plus. Haha.. I was so nervous tat time. I had opened the page, and the page has loaded but i don't dare to c my own result. Instead, i go commenting here and there in facebook and chat with Umates in google talk. 

However,  we need to face the reality anyway.  And I read the page.  (for the first time of 5 semesters, i revealed my result to everyone although i dunno why) 

And there u c, my first glance on the result slip is to check whether there is any 'B' character. And i didnt notice the presence of 'B's which made me a bit relieved. And then i further check whether there's an A-. And i found one, and i'm glad that it was the deadly subject i was expecting.. Still nervous, and further checking down for other A-.. Ohh no more.. final result: gpa is 3.96. Phew it was better than my worst expectation. I'm happy for it, though still feeling a bit disappointed for my grade has dropped. But yes, i'm sure i'm happy with it.


KahJoon_AJ said...

lolz,u post ur result to let av1 see becoz u get a very very goooooood result loooh...hahaa,congrate wor...^^

Xjion89 said...

waa, ur results very good woh!
i oso malu show my results...><

Leslie Linda said...

:) congrats! your result is sure good!

Wei Han said...

dun get cheated by the pointer..
actually quite easy to obtain only (i hope this sentence wont offend other ppl..)

Steward Baba said...

I'm offended. >.<

JuStiN [WaI KhaN] said...

Hey. Still rmb me? =)
COngratz ya!! Hehe.
Im offended too. >.<

Wei Han said...

lol. swt..
i guess i gotta delete this post soon