Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Semester break for 2 days

Finally, bid farewell to my lovely examination that lasts for 3 weeks. Yesterday was totally not in mood to study. And the paper today is totally weird.. But since it was over, let's forget bout it. 

What am I doing now? I'm still in UTP.. Waiting Wen Pin to go lunch together. Why not eat at home? 2 reasons: 1st, I havent finished packing; 2nd, I'm too sleepy to drive home. lol. 

Excluding today, I practically have 2 days of holiday: Thursday and Friday. And I will leave Ipoh on Saturday. Well, you could consider my Saturday, Sunday and Monday as part of my holiday too but those 3 days I'm going to use them to make a quick adaptation to the KL environment. 

What should I do these 2 days in Ipoh? I promised to meet my junior-friend long time ago. It will be on Thursday. And maybe i will have to pack whole day on Friday. I always wake up late at home and thus I lost my Thursday morning. Hmm.. what i have now is just Thursday evening. Anyone wants to meet me that time? lol.

To be honest, currently I'm still feeling numb towards the internship experience. I should feel a little bit more excited, i suppose. But probably, this 'long-lasting' examination makes me really numb to other things. What i desire now is sleep and game.. and perhaps some chatting.. huhu.. 


The really last picture after i had packed everything into my car.. One last picture before I closed the door and went home.. Goodbye my V4 room~

Wish every Utpians happy holiday and other interns, happy internship! Also hope my roommate gets a roommate better than me next sem. Gonna miss him a little bit. haha


KahJoon_AJ said... need to plan wat to do la,come to KL la for the two days la,,I will just be free til this fri,after that will be 'enjoying' my STUDY WEEK without meeting anyone,going anywhere...=.=

Wei Han said...

study week is to play one wor..
wasted the study week like tat..
u study first la.. and then when i come, then entertain me.. lol

coz i really nothing to do on sunday and monday.. (coming one)

KahJoon_AJ said...

haiz....cant play like last time d,now mountains of notes waiting for me to touch them,haiz.....maybe can ask mai hotet if he willing to come out gea....but oli 1 day for most

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