Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Several mistakes done in this new semester

It's just the second day of the semester, i've already made some stupid mistakes out of carelessness or maybe stupidity. 

  1. Forget to bring my pillow back to my hostel!!!! swt swt.. I thought i gonna sleep without pillow this week.  Luckily, i managed to 'kutip' one pillow from UTP. Ignoring whether it was clean or not, I'm not going to make myself suffer by sleeping without pillow.  Anyway, I wrap my 'new found' pillow with my pillow case (hey, didnt bring pillow but brought pillow case. hebat me).
  2. Taking 7 subjects this sem (21 credit hours, 29 hours of class per week).  My malay coursemates said "wei han hebat sangat". lol. I think I'm "cari maut". Even after Cheah Hui (coursemate) kindly 'advised' me not to take 7 subjects, but i still insist. Lol.. 100% cari maut. I think i could cope though.. at least now i still 'BELIEVE' i can cope. (believe only)
  3.  Rejected to be a treasurer for a society. lol.. Made this decision because i am taking 7 subjects this sem. It's not easy to get into treasurer eh.. I've worked under the society for 2 years. Now was offered as treasurer, but i rejected it. Was this a stupid act? perhaps.

Today is just the second day of the sem.  Dunno why, feel quite moody currently. Perhaps, i have started to feel 'the stress of the future'. Anyway, i'm going to return home on Friday. Remind me to take my pillows. lol.   


Chiang Jinn said...

walao e
how come forgot to bring pillow?
where u kutip pillow?
i oso want go and c c got another pillow or not

Wei Han said...

Actually is leftover by some other ppl.. in yenglee's room..
luckily.. else slp without pillow really pathetic.

Xjion89 said...

ok, forgot to bring pillow is not a mistake loh~~~~haha

Wei Han said...

mistake la!
i put the pillows in the living room, prepare to put them into the car.
but instead of putting them into the car, i drove the car away...
isnt it a mistake.. a careless mistake tat could make me suffer?