Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lab Test: "I'm going to kill u. wahahaha"

You are not watching any horrible series or thriller. It's true!

I'm waiting in the lab now. Purposely came early to practise (coz i dun hav the software in my laptop). However i realized i've nothing to practise. It's a lab test.. Probably test on programming. Not on C programming or Java programming, but assembly language.. crazy.. A bit regret taking this subject (embedded system) actually. But never mind, too late for any changes.

I'm silently waiting for the arrival of the lecturer, along with few other final year seniors who are taking the same subject. I admit. I am scared! lol. Anyway, this is an Open book test. Which means we can refer to any books. Two implications of it: 1. we don't need to study (memorize) so hard. 2. the test will be extremely difficult!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the lecturer to come. Now it's 11 already. He should have come now. Back to the topic just now, instead of bringing piles of books, i brought my laptop. All my notes and reference reside in my laptop. (study IT one ma~ ^^) Actually I'm not so sure whether he allows us to "open laptop" or not. But if he forbids, I'm definitely going to argue with him. "Notebook (laptop) not book mea?" lol

I'm no longer waiting for him.. Coz he has arrived! Some coursemates askinghim bout the test. He replied calmly "i wil tell u wat to do" with an eerie tone.. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you notice, I started my first sentence of almost all my paragraphs by "i'm waiting..." Just to tell u, it's called STYLE. Haha.. Just one crap before i have the test. Wish me good luck! (but i guess it will b too late when u read this)