Monday, October 26, 2009


I had this fascinating dream just now:  I was murdered.

In that dream, i was a very innocent person getting hunted by a group of people. They didn't try to murder me by guns, instead by knives. I guess that's what makes the dream more exciting. 

If you do not wish to know the dream in details, skip this paragraph. I was in a party somewhere. Then there were these 2 ppl smiling very awkwardly. When i looked at them, they were staring at me. They were holding knives with their hands, but other people couldn't notice. Slowly, they were approaching me. I was afraid, i quickly ran to a more public places and call for the security guards. The security guards arrived shortly and ask what's the matter. And i told them what I had found, however the 2 ppl with evil smiles had disappeared. Then I tried to leave the place but on the way i saw more people smiling and holding knives. I quickly ran and ran and ran and suddenly i back to a house (supposingly my house). And back to my bedroom, i saw a person standing in front of the mirror, showing the evil smiles. At that moment, I gave up and i said, "just kill me". Then, i approached him, and he cut my neck with that sharp knife. Then, i woke up.

If you have skipped the paragraph above, read this: In the dream, few people tried to murder me. I tried very hard to escape but at the end i was tired of escaping and decided to let them kill. And in fact, they did kill me. (sigh, no sympathetic heart at all)

When I woke up, this is what I'm thinking. It must be a symbol indicating that the Distributed Computing lab test at 2 pm afterwards is going to kill me. I tried very hard to solve it but i couldn't. At the end i gave up and let the lab test kill me. I think that's what the nightmare tries to hint me. Let's see if this nightmare is more accurate than crystal ball or not. We shall see~ 


KahJoon_AJ said...

lolz...salute u!
like this pun u can relate ur test with the dream...swt

Wei Han said...

it's almost totally represents the lab test.. It's hard not to relate it. Probably that was what i'm thinking bout whole night even while sleeping. The only difference is the test transforms to multiple killers.