Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Start a day with a sad mood

It was an ordinary day, nothing much different than any other days. 

It's just that I had a dream, in the dream, the bus left me, and I'm chasing the bus. The bus didn't wait for me and I kept chasing. Finally i saw the bus stopping for one of my friends, and she entered the bus and the bus left without waiting me Again~ I called my friend and asked her to stop the driver. duh... it is not related though.

The process of chasing the bus, somehow very indirectly made me relate to the novel I last read "the time traveller's wife" by Audrey. And thinking bout this, i couldnt sleep any longer. I woke up, and before i got down from the bed, i grabbed the book and read the climax of the story. I was wondering if i would cry again when read it, however, it seems my tears are a bit strong in defense. 

The result of doing this is i started my day with sad mood. That's it. Sendiri cari pasal. zzz