Monday, September 14, 2009

Degradation of my brain

I could only say, i bcome more stupid already. Normally this wouldnt happen to me. The story is like this:

I had a test just now, earlier today, my senior told me that the lecturer will allow open notes at the end of the test. Well, i kinda ignore it.. because.. i dun have notes in hardcopy. I made my own notes instead, and so, i brought them to test.

And yea, i almost forgot about the 'open note' thingy. I'm the first to finish the paper. It's hard, but not too hard. Some questions that i couldnt answer come from textbook. And the lecturer cheated me, he said he will only ask from lecture notes. Ok. got cheated, nvm. When i request to leave, the lecturer said, everyone can now open their lecture notes. swt.

Ok, so i stay, and bring out my notes. Look here and there, useless. WHy? coz i already memorized everything from my notes. For those questions that i am not sure, the answers are not lied within my notes. then...... Suddenly, i remember, I bought the textbook! SWT, and i didnt realize i could actually bring my textbook. SWT.

So, i was there, everyone busy looking their notes but i'm doing nothing. The lecturer asked me, why dun check ur answer with ur notes. I told him "nothing to check." zzz. Anyway, I submitted the paper while everyone still busy copying from their notes (and mayb books). sienz..

Only if i had brought my book, i could get 100 marks or mayb 95 above. But now, i could only wish for 80 above. sigh...

The normal me wouldnt do this kind of silly mistake. I think my brain really degrades d. And yes, that's the sentence. I become more stupid d.. swt 


KahJoon_AJ said...

let me know when u get to know ur marks...haha...maybe u will get 90...and not just 80...haha