Saturday, July 4, 2009

Penang Trip with USM frens

This trip was planned in sudden. I had fun in Penang for 4 days 4 nights, staying in U heights, at kean zhi's and his friends house. This trip was extraordinary, most activities involved going infinity. In fact, the first activity after i reached Penang and had dinner was cyber cafeing.. lol

I could say the trip was quite flexible, similar to my daily life practice - sleep late and wake up late. I was always the last to sleep and the last to wake up. I hope I didnt disturb the 'fallen' (the ppl who had already slept) but i think i did. sorry for tat. Actually, there isnt much to say about this trip as almost everyday we were just cybercafeing.. at least 5 hours per day. With Kean Zhi and Ze Hao, it makes computer gaming something very common and 'compulsory' lol. Anyway, there were times that I was alone while they were busy. Usually i would just read my chinese novel, 大唐双龙记, quite a long novel (but now i've finished it). 

Besides the ordinary cybercafeing, i had two outing activities which involved Kean Zhi, Ze Hao , Lee Ying (kz;s housemate) and my dear utp coursemate, Wen Pin. Thanks to him, who acted as the driver and the tour guide. Finally, my desire of visitng Kek Lok Shi was achieved. I had been wanting to go that temple since 2 years ago. Reason? lol. though i'm not a buddhist, i think i should at least do something to thank its favor. Favor? what favor? Actually it was like this, 3 years ago i went kek lok shi to 'pray' for my SPM result. And yea, my wish was answered and scored pretty well in SPM, therefore i wanted to return to the temple to at least say thank you. And so i did during the trip, after thanking them, my heart feels much comfortable. ;) "Yay! Mission accomplished!", i said to others.

 at the temple

After that, i accomplished my second mission, which was to try Domino's Pizza. I had never tried it before the trip. And its crust pizza was famous (or at least famous than Pizza Hut). It was nice, but could not fill stomach. Anyway, we took it as a hi-tea only. Then they took me a famous soya restaurant. There are plenty of soya products available. It was nice also, and those who havent tried should pay a visit there next time. 


the pizza and a group photo.

The second outing activity only involved Kean Zhi and Wen Pin (others are busy). Again, thank to Wen Pin, who drove us to Queensbay. We watched Transformer there, and honestly, it was nice and i think it was worth the price. We sat at the second row (we didnt book any tickets) and sadly it was not so comfy to watch. Luckily the movie was good until I had 'forgotten' the uncomfort. We had dinner in Sim Gary. This was my first time, (ipoh doesnt have) I didnt know we have to queue for that. Gave me a surprise! Luckily it didnt take too long until our turn. The food not bad also butthe price was a little bit bad. lol. 

Oh.. there was the third outing activity which involved Shi zhe (kz's housemate) as the driver, kean zhi, ze hao and lee ying. Well, nothing really happened that day. Kean Zhi housemates were planning to buy the water filter for drinking purpose. Me and Ze Hao were just 'outsiders' to this matter. But we crapped alot that day, mostly involve craps about the movie "drag me to hell". Favourite quote "I begged you, but you shame me!"lol. We Kept laughing that time.  

I slept very late all 4 nights, first day 2am, second day 3 am while third and 4th days around 5-6 am. However, the time I woke up for all 4 days were almost the same, in between 10am-12pm. It was quite enjoyable. But i felt sorry for bringing inconvenience to kean zhi's housemates. Hope they don't mind. :) 

ps: tq lee ying for the pics. :)