Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interviews Here And There

I'm graduating soon!
These days, i have been ignoring all my projects.
What's on my mind is: interview interview interview~~
I love TEC very much, and these 2 days, I had been attended to 4 interviews. The fifth one would be Petronas Structured Interview~ I somehow feel that I do not need to prepare anything for it, I basically have all the answers for the interview questions standby in my mind. haha.
It's hard to know where would I be in the future? IT industry? or Oil and Gas.. or shall i jump to do something different like HR or Finance? We shall see... ^^

Ps: Recently emo a lot too. I am trying hard to hurt myself less. Worst comes worst... I will do THAT, i hope i don't need to do THAT though. Anyway, cheers today for not being emo!


KahJoon_AJ said...

OIL n GAS!!!!!!!!will be super rich then!my relative be in oil n gas industry n now earning 10k ++ every month!hehe

Bong Way Kiat aka SexyMama said...

JIA YOU lo...for technology students like us, if can enter Oil and Gas industry is really a BIG blessing!!