Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's been a while since i have fever. I actually forget how it feels like to have fever. It gives a minor headache, and sometimes makes me feel cold; sometimes makes me feel hot. The more irritating part is the sorethroat. Hate it.

This fever makes me lose my only opportunity to try mcd breakfast. Sigh~ this sickness really comes in bad timing. But luckily, this fever comes in after i finished my fyp presentation. And i can rest at home, being taken care by family. Cannot imagine how it would be if i'm sick in Uni. It must be disastrous.

Still having minor headache and sorethroat. Thanks to panadol, it does help a lot. I didnt know it was such a powerful medicine last time. I wouldnt eat them normally, but my dad forced me to take those pills. haha. I guess i had to thank him for that. Let's hope that i can recover asap.