Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resurrection Day

I was quite happy today. I finally finished my FYP final presentation.. Yay!


In fact, Yay! once is just not enough.. so Yay yay yay! yay yay yay yay... yay yay!


I was very happy when i finished the presentation. Coz i knew i did quite well, at least my presentation was better than what i expected. It was really great, compared to the pre-edx presentation. The same content, same presentation, different outcomes. Sometimes things are just turned out to be very different when they are evaluated by different people. I really like to acknowledge my supervisor, i think he did help me alot, directly or indirectly. I should really thank him.. perhaps i should buy something for him.

With FYP going to an end, although i still have couple of projects due this friday and next week, it doesnt matter. They aren't deadly. Exams are coming soon. I'm a little bit afraid, unlike the 'me' before. This sem i am hyper duper lazy, and.. the study week is short and exam schedule is tight. It's going to be a challenge to get an A. But, let's see the coursework marks first. It surely gives a little bit of confidence boost if the coursework marks are good enough (though i don't think so)

Though my day was quite happy in general, i am a little bit down now. And the 'down' time is always the time i write my blog, same to this post. Anyway, it's just a minor sadness. I was graduating soon. And, sometimes i kinda miss the people here. Not going to get used to office politics so easily, although i think i would master it in the future, after a few failures and obstacles of course. Uni friends are selfish.. but still good. They are purpose-oriented but still good. I would definitely miss them. But, friends are just friends.. Ever heard of the saying "there is an 'end' in the word 'friEND'?" There's definitely an end between each friend, just a matter of how early or how late it will be ended. If I lose contact with a friend, he/she doesn't try to contact me, and i don't feel like trying to contact them, so be it. That indicates that the frenship has ended, somehow.

But with virtual world of Internet, gtalk and of course facebook, i doubt i would lose any friends in this matter.  But fading friendship is unavoidable, and i'm definitely ready for that. Nevertheless, if you attempt to keep in touch with me, i wont disappoint you. :)