Friday, April 15, 2011

One pleasant morning

There is this one pleasant morning,

When you have enough sleep and good dreams (Dreaming of becoming billionaire)

When you can see the sun smiles at you (Please do not look at it too long as it will hurt your eyes)

When you can listen to birds singing (It doesn't mean they sing well)

When you can have a table of dim sums for breakfast ( And become bankrupt because of that)

When you can greet everyone with a friendly tone (Good morning handsome! or Good morning pretty!)

When you can dance freely with joy at the road (And laughed by the public)

When you can pick up money or perhaps an Iphone on the road (and throw it away because it's fake)

When you can be flirted by many Leng Lui (They have great taste)

When you can realize you become better looking compared to yesterday ( Due to a not-so-clear mirror)

When you can share your happiness with everyone ( And they ask you to shut up)

When you feel the morning is extremely pleasant.... (...

[Alarm Clock Ringing]

Eh it's afternoon already
Shouldn't have slept so late yesterday.
By the way, I did have a good dream of having a pleasant morning.


p/s: Long time never write crappy post loo~ What a fun thing to do!