Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Saturday~ It's Saturday~

10am waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my drink, gotta have my cheese
... (if you dunno what am i talking about, go watch Rebecca's Friday in youtube)

That's basically how my morning goes. After have my cheese as my breakfast, i back to my laptop upstairs and do my case study. Duh.. this is so not Saturday. Anyway, like Rebecca Black suggested, "It’s Saturday, Saturday, Gotta get Outing on Saturday", i feel like going out for some activities. And here I check the cinema for any nice movies, and there is none. So, i give a call to my buddy TK, and invited him for a cyber cafe gaming session. Of course, he gladly agreed.

However, like any other days at home, i gotta settle my lunch myself. As an emo and lonely young nice looking kind hearted humble and smart guy (oops, i praised myself too much? but i'm just telling the truth!), i had a little bit of trouble trying to decide which place i should have my lunch. Again as an emo and lonely young nice looking kind hearted humble and smart guy, I decided to have my lunch in McD! Why McD? First, it is delicious; second, mcd is supposed to give a happy mode to me. Like i said, i was emo, lonely, young, nice looking, kind hearted, humble and smart at that time.... oh well, i mean, i was emo and lonely back then, that's why i chose to have my lunch in mcd where i believe it would cheer me up a little.

After i parked my car at mcd drivethrough (near highway), to my surprise, there are 3 other almost identical cars parking at that place. Now i totally accept the fact that the colour of my car is too common. here are the pictures:

They are actually 4 different cars; have a guess which is my car?

Answer: the last picture (bottom right side)

So, I entered McD and decided to order McChicken set. Not because it is super delicious, but it is the cheapest among the set. What to do? poor ma~ While waiting for my food to arrive, I suddenly asked the cashier/counter lady to smile. but why? Coz i wanted to take a picture of her. It's impossible for her to reject my request due to my charm and charisma.. choke* Even i couldnt stand what i'm saying. Let's just forget bout what i said.

I knew i successfully made her day, by asking her to smile and taking her pic

So, after she smiles at me (my camera), i'm so disappointed. Because... she didnt give me a discount. It seems I'm not as charming as i expected. Nevertheless, I took my food and take a lonely seat and eat lonely.. What a sad story right? But never mind. I have a companion: my camera. And this is the time I camwhored in public. And.. I was quite embarassed actually. :P But what to do? emo and lonely ma~ They gotta be more considerate towards the desire of emo and lonely ppl.

The picture there ----> shows how happy i was while eating fries. And yeah, the smile was very fake. Because i actually wasnt very happy while eating fries. But what to do, facing camera, i had to show my cheerful smiles anyhow. :/

<----And what are you staring? I'm eating my fries!

It's hard to believe i couldnt finish my lunch. My appetite these days really become so bad. And I mentioned in fb right? now my weight is less than 50 kg. Omg.. Lowest record in these 4-5 years.

Anyway, i finish the fries, because i love it. The burger left 20% unfinished and the drink left 80% unfinished. Guilty of not finishing the food? No, not at all, they arent healthy anyway. Good excuse right? haha

 So later then, i went to tk's house. He was having his lunch that time, therefore leaving me idle. While being very free, I borrowed his laptop and blogged on my previous post, using his laptop at his house. And after he finished his lunch, it was game time! Cyber cafe is always our favourite place for outing. That's the place we show our friendship, bonding, interactiveness, closeness... ah~ i'm just crapping. That's the place where we play dota, kill some noob players and get killed by some pro players. And WTH, we won every game we played. Are we just too pro? lol.

We still can take picture while the game is on. geng lea? haha. no la, the game hasn't started.
 After winning for so many times, we were both frustrated. We started to question why we are so good in playing this game. It is unfair to the other players that we are so good. haha. Being snobbish here. Anyway, we enjoyed the game and we left cyber cafe around 6pm.

It has been long time since i attach pictures into my post. Well, I'm actually using Bong's blogging style where almost each post has lots of pictures. But of course, mine is better coz i'm more humourous in writing. LOL! He is going to criticize and insult me if he saw this. Anyway, i know the post is a bit long than expected. And therefore, here's the end of it. It's my saturday my saturday~


mushroom said...

congratz man. u r on the way to get out of emoness =)

KahJoon_AJ said...

wheere is the cc??izit the one that closed down for long time d??i forget the name d,the one we used to 10 10 gea,izit thatone??seem so familiar la the interior of the cc...

Wei Han said...

@muchroom, thanks~ i'm officially out of emo.

@ekj, haha. it's zone x. infinity zap jor. :/

* said...
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* said...

good good... sampat, humorous and smiley wei han is back... *clap clap*

Wei Han said...

haha. I'm clapping for myself too. Wondering who you are?