Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Her death

She is dead~
I knew she is dying soon, but i didnt know her death comes so fast. :'(
She is someone i always see and touch.
She is my addiction.
She is part of my life.
But she is now death.....

(Disco rhythm sets in...)
(I heard Rihanna's voice...)

"She's been a crazy dicta
Disco diva.. and you wonder
Who's that chick?
Who's that chick?" - David Guetta (who cares about him?) feat Rihanna

Who's she?
She's my lovely Asus laptop.
We'd been together for 4 years, and she left me without saying goodbye. (well, probably I tortured her till death) Doctor said, Nerve system injury is the root cause of her death (motherboard spoilt). It is difficult to rescue and it is very costly to undergo this operation too.

Anyway, I don't feel very sad, coz i know her lifespan is soon over.  But still, the 4 years relationship doesn't lapse away that easily.

LUCKILY... i managed to immortalize her by writing her a poem. Oops, this is not sonnet 18. I mean i immortalize her by retrieving back her memory. With her memory, I could clone her whenever I want! So she is not dead! She is just living in another form.

Her new life form - Hard Disk with casing + USB Cable
My mom found a surgeon who could do organ transplant. Hence, she asked for my permission to donate her organs. Looking at her dead body. I agreed. Let's hope her body parts could benefit someone out there. It's already good enough if her memory stays forever with me.

Her dead body

  ... only if we could store humans' memories like computers', then we wouldn't be so sad over somebody's death. :(  Anyway, RIP my laptop. (though i will summon you whenever i need you)

Ps: I gotta explain a  little bit for those who dun quite understand the meaning or intention of the Rihanna's song part, just in case. I never like my readers to be confused on something. Well, ermm.. it was just crap! haha. Recently i am in love with Rihanna's who's that chick, hence i'm just trying to fit the song into this post. As simple as that~


Talung said...

That's y i said, u start to love bitchy song..haha

shinda88 said...

A cool blogger no need to explained whenever he crap or not in his post :P