Monday, April 25, 2011

E-mail from Shell

Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Shell ( i mean the company, not really the shell) regarding to my job application:

"Dear Wei Han,

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with Shell and attending an interview. We are pleased to advise you to try again next year ..."

OMG. I failed! 

Eh.. wait...

OMG. I passed the first interview! Despite the introduction of the mail seems to be telling me that I failed the interview. Instead of this "... We are pleased to advise you to try again next year.",
the email wrote "... We are pleased to advise you that we would like to invite you to attend a Shell Recruitment Day". Hooray! Although very high possibility i will fail the second stage interview, but yay.. at least I passed the first interview. 

I knew i did quite well on the first interview, but what made me worries was my coursemate who did the interview 3 days earlier than me received invitation to second stage interview 2 weeks earlier than me. I thought i was out already somehow. Anyway, it is good to know that they realize i am a potential good candidate. haha. Else it's their loss.. Hohoho.. I hope writing this post won't cause me any bad consequences like: Next day, they sent me a email saying it was a mistake, and i was actually being rejected and so on due to this post...

I still don't know when will be the second stage interview. I hope i have more time to prepare. let's wait for a call from Shell personnel. :D