Monday, April 18, 2011

Love Story

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess It's a love story baby just say yes" -Taylor Swift

Nice song right? Okay now, you can totally ignore the song above. What i want to blog today is not about love story by Taylor Swift, but a love story from one of my best friends. 

I'm not sure if i had disclosed to you all on this before. I love love story (to avoid confusion, the first 'love' is a verb; second 'love' is a noun).  I like love stories, and that's the reason i read love novels sometimes. It's not common for a guy to read love stories right? I kinda enjoy it although I know that the Reality isn't going to be as ideal as shown in some of the love stories. 

Anyway, i'm getting out of topic.  Like i said, i enjoy watching, listening, seeing, reading, experiencing love stories, (although mys own love story doesn't really end well due to my own personal problem) and now today, i just knew one of my best friends had successfully bid farewell to his 'single' status. It is interesting, enjoyable and even exciting to know the news and some of the details of the love story. Happy love story always makes me happy, not to mention it is from my best friend. I'm really glad to know about the news. Congratz to them! and I wish them 'White-hair till old'! (Dun say i didnt wish you all ya)

It's undeniable that i'm really happy for him. Success love story is inspiring and delightful. However, apart from the rational side of me, as an emotional being, i feel a bit down too. You know the scenarios when your buddy have a partner, he/she tends to spend less time around with you due to the commitment that he/she has to fulfill to his/her partner right? In other words, when your friends have gf/bf, they will start to neglect you and your gang of friends. They literally fly to their beloved's side and never see their shadows anymore. Lucky to me, most of my coupled good friends from secondary school do not have such 见色忘友 attitude. However, for him, I'm quite sure he is the kind of person who will definitely put more emphasis to his gf. I'm not blaming him. It's normal and necessary to keep a relationship alive. I dun think girls like their bfs to place their friends in higher priority.  Anyway, the reason i feel a little bit down is because i have a kinda like 'losing a friend' feeling. But it's okay, i'm just going to get along with it. People have to move on, don't we?  

Nevertheless, that's the irrational part of me. As a friend, i am truly happy for him and his gf. Things are going to be great. Love does make people happy, like Wang Fei sang:

因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤

I'm delighted to see my friend happy.  And i will always support them in their new relationship. All the best!  :D

Ps: Anyone wants to tell me his/her love stories? I'm always interested to listen. ;)


mushroom said...

hi, i usually read your blog when having free time. want to listen to my love stories? lol