Saturday, April 30, 2011

Batch Dinner

It's a good thing that we are having a batch dinner. It's at 8pm later. And i've totally no idea on what to wear. Decorating stuffs is never my expertise. And of course, decorating myself is not something I good with. It is always a hassle for me to make a decision on what should i wear, how should i style my hair and stuffs... coz i'm really bad at it... and lazy at it. haha... I believe that if a person is nice in nature, he/she will always appear to be very good looking regardless. So, from the statement above, we can conclude that i will always look nice right? haha. Just joking. In fact, I do believe make-up or the effort of trying to groom one's appearance does make a lot of difference, but too bad, i'm just not good at it.

Anyway, let's ignore that issue right now. I didn't plan to go to the batch dinner initially. I never like to go to these occasion bcoz of few reasons: 1. money concern; 2. attire concern; 3. time concern; I actually rejected the invitation to go to this dinner several times. But at the end, i changed my mind and decided to attend this dinner because... well... this is my last semester as a student. And for the last-time sake, why not? Sadly, a lot of my close batchmates aren't attending. So, i actually take this dinner as a course dinner instead of a batch dinner. Let's hope that we would have lots of fun tonight.

Okay, what and how should i wear? the theme is black white red. And looking at my closet, i know that i only have very limited 'dinner attire' clothing. Totally no idea. Wear a black shirt plus jeans? that's the only thing i have in mind. If i'm just going to have a black shirt accompanied with a formal slack, it will look like i'm going for an interview. People are going to wear coat maybe, but i dun have one. I don't intend to be the most high profile and eye catching person there, so i dont plan to wear something outside the box. This is a tough decision, perhaps i should just wear a white singlet.. It somehow fits the theme. hahaha.. Anyway, i intend to take a lot pictures today.. Should i learn and practice how to do some posing now? haha.