Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reflecting Thoughts - 4/5/2011

Introducing new label(title) of my blog: Reflecting Thoughts. Whenever you see my blogpost has this title, it simply means that the post has no specific theme, or thesis statement (sounds very technical right?). Reflecting Thoughts will be posts that i would simply say out what am i thinking at the moment, without specifically relating to any event or incident. Actually, if you have been my consistent blog reader, you would realize, i had actually written many posts similar to Reflecting Thoughts concept in the past, with different titles of course. Anyway, sometimes my mind wanders here and there and i just want to put all my thoughts here. And obviously, as a super considerate blogger, for those who didn't like my Reflecting Thoughts posts can simply ignore reading the post, saving your time from reading something you don't like. A tips for the readers, you can always check the label on the bottom of a post before u decide whether to read the post or not. Anyway, let me start with today's reflecting thoughts.

I had experienced an unexpected emo last night. It was abrupt and sudden. Although I'm not very certain with the reason i got emo, I somehow know what triggers it. Anyway, let's not talk about sad thing, we should talk about ...... something sadder!

My first paper is on Thursday and today is already Wednesday. And the first paper is going to be... MALAYSIAN STUDIES! Seriously, i think this subject is a total crap. It is in fact a death penalty to the foreign students who never took Sejarah before. The questions asked in the test/exam are sometimes very irrelevant from the textbook and the answers given are totally illogic. Taking this subject is very enjoyable, because basically I can skip almost every class, granting me more time to do other stuffs (which most of the time is taking an afternoon nap). The textbook is quite lousy, i somehow think that form 5 sejarah book is of better quality and higher level than this textbook. Many people have been complaining that my cgpa is too high, and they will be happy to know that this subject has a big potential of bringing my cgpa down down down down~

Recently keep on having flashbacks on some memorable moments in UTP. Recalling the moment when we were having our orientation, facing some conflicts we had while doing group project, having different great roommates, killing different species of mosquitoes, seducing lecturers to get high marks, laughing at other people when i get higher marks, ... LOL. I'm just joking. Anyway, there are many precious memories in utp. I suppose this is what ordinary people with feelings face when they are graduating soon. Yeah, i'm graduating.. in 5 days? hoho.. and i'm totally blur and confused with my future paths. Let's see how things go in the future~

I realize i am a much more sentimental person than i thought. I did remember that i cried out loud when i say goodbye to my primary school last time. What an idiot, i didnt even know why i was crying since i'm going to see most of my friends in high school (from SRJK Sam Tet to SMK Sam Tet). Anyway, i didnt really feel sad leaving my high school and i dunno why. Supposingly, i shouldnt feel sad leaving utp either. I guess, i am actually a bit reluctant to face the cruelty of the real working society. I know it wouldnt be similar to student life which is quite a comfort zone to me. That's the reason i feel sad maybe?

Wo~ho! I'm glad that you read until this part. To reward you, i'm going to tell you a funny joke to cheer up your day. The joke starts like this:


Wei Han said...

eh? where's the joke?

...and the joke ends like that.

[my shrieking laughter all over the place.. wahahuahauhaua)

mushroom said...

Totally agree. I got B for this subject last semester =(

Wei Han said...

totally a crappy subject.
it's even worse for the international students. I think u managed to get B is something you should be proud of as a foreigner.