Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Annual bday celebration (with the ipoh old gang)

U might not notice, but actually my posts are famous of its 'lateness'. Usually, i always delay writing the post until i got the mood. Like tonight, i have the mood to tell u all the story about our annual celebration of our birthdays. This year, it was the second time we had this bday celebration 'for ourselves' and i hope we could continue this 'tradtion' every year.

If you checked my previous posts in 2008, u might get to read the 1st annual bday celebration (my 19th bday). Actually, how we came out with this idea is based on few simple ideas. First, all of us Ipoh gang hardly have time to gather together. Second, everyone's birthday is all scattered around the year. Therefore, we decided to have this birthday celebration together. 

Actually, we were not desperate to have this birthday celebration. Well, we are not 10 years old young ppl who wish to have birthday party anymore. To me, this was just a good excuse to gather everyone together. Instead of going cyber cafe (our usual outing activities), or watch movie (sometimes our outing activity), we now have birthday celebration to keep us together. It somehow make us appreciate each other (at least to me la). Most importantly, we were all happy during the moment.

Let me start narrating the story of the bday celebration. For this year, we had our original 'members' which are talung, kah joon, ze hao, me, tet khiun, kean zhi and joon heng. But we also invited some guests... who we hope will become our permanent 'members' : guo han and xiao jen. The day was like this, early in the morning (11 am, i know it's not early d), we went to cyber cafe to play few hours until lunch hour. Then we menjemput (welcome) our invited guest xiao jen to eat lunch in Beacon Point. Anyone knows where this place is? it is located in ipoh garden east. We had seen this restaurant/cafe many times but we never tried the food there before. SO we tried the food, but we forgot to buy cake.. lol. We postponed the celebration a little while until we finished our lunch. Then only we buy the cake. But.... where are we going to have the celebration and eat the cake? We had already finished eating and left the restaurant/cafe.

The solution, which was I who suggested, was we celebrate it in Tesco Food court. lol.. And thus we celebrated our birthday in Tesco (last year in secret recipe Jusco). Because of we didnt have fire lighter (we are not smokers), our cake didnt have candles. We bought an ice cream cake! Tet khiun and I had longed to try ice cream cake for a long time. 

 the ice cream cake we bought

After that, we cut the cake... then only we realized we had not yet sung the birthday song. Well, since it was not the first time, so it was not so embarassing to do it. This is our bday song lyric:

Happy birthday to us,

happy birthday to us,

happy birthday to talung, kah joon, ze hao, wei han, tet khiun, kean zhi, joon heng, guo han, siao jen, (name orders by birthdate)

happy birthday to us!

Then we clapped for ourselves. Of course, in the process, we caught attentions from many people in Tesco.. haha..  Then we hurrily ate the cake and later bid farewell to kah joon who had to leave to fetch his sister and also siao jen.

(note: from here onwards, it sounds like a diary)

We continued to play comp games in cyber cafe until dinner time.. lol. Joon Heng didnt join us for dinner as he had to prepare for his 'trip' to KL the next day. We said goodbye to kean zhi after dinner and helped Talung push car. (lol his car battery dead). After that, it was already around 10pm. Me and tet khiun back to my house for shower while guo han and zehao back to his house.  We met again at 12am for supper in Mamak if i'm not mistaken.. then we spent overnight in zehao's house. 4 ppl but only 3 laptops, the person without laptop which was tet khiun went to slp. 3 of us played and played and continued playing untill........ 7.30 am while i couldnt stand anymore and fall into the drowzy world. Amazingly, i woke up at 10 something am and returned home to continue my sleep.. lol. The end.

Ps: i realized the annual bday celebration 2008 was not in blogspot but my old xanga blog. If u interested in bday celebration 2008, can go to this link: http://weihan89.xanga.com/663291169/old-friends-gathering/ 


Picture taken in Tesco with nine of us and the ice cream cake. I was the darkest person there. thanks to OBS (see my previous post).


KahJoon_AJ said...

yaya!!!!CONT THE TRADITION for the coming years!!!!^^