Thursday, May 5, 2011


As a sociable human, we have to learn how to open one eye and close another eye. Of course, i don't literally mean that we have to actually close an eye while communicating or socializing. Open-One-Eye;Close-One-Eye is actually originated from Chinese saying which means: "ignoring something that you care for a good cause" .

There are too many things in this world appears to be inappropriate to us. Unfortunately, we aren't god. We can't change everything to make it follows our preference. Therefore, sometimes, we just have to ignore things that don't really matter to us.

I admit I am a control freak. Hence, it is a bit more difficult for me to ignore things. But i will try to change, coz I'm Wei Han. haha..

Law of Wei Han #1:
Everything is possible to achieve if Wei Han is determined in doing it.

Ps: Too bad, the only flaw of the law above is: Wei Han seldom has the determination to do something.