Monday, May 9, 2011

No longer a student

I've just finished my final exam yesterday. Not just the typical final exam, but the Final final exam. Felt a bit lost and empty. It was like a routine that I had to pick up some books and read them. But nope, now I don't have to do that anymore. Last night even, I was dreaming that I was studying and suddenly realized that I should no longer need to study that book anymore.

Just now, when I was trying to do my uni clearance stuffs, I suddenly feel sad. I'm going to leave this place, like forever. And all my uni friends, I'm just going to miss them super much. :'( A bit regret for not having more fun with them. Those friends, are the only reason that convinces me to not regret studying in UTP. But what to do? We all know there is an 'end' from the word "friENDs".

End of study life.. Could you imagine that? After studying for so many years, and this is the end of it. Entering workforce could be both exciting and ... scary. It's time to sharpen up my human's mask as things aren't going to be as simple as before. Any mistake made could be disastrous and I do not want that to happen. Office politics, backstabbing, fakers? It would be challenging.

Haiz.. feel quite sad now. Bye UTP.


mushroom said...

congratz, welcome to real life :) wish you to be successful and happy in future. i still have 2 more papers T_T
btw i don't think there's an END in friENDs. friends may not stand by your side all the time, but friends will always be there when you need.