Friday, May 6, 2011

Silent Midnight

Although the post title sounds like telling a ghost story, it's not. Dun worry. I'm just describing the current atmosphere here now in my room. The curtains are closed, and it's so damn hot while my roommate still can sleep harmoniously with his blanket. That's so incredible.

I just killed 11th mosquito in this room, within 2 hours. I dunno if it's me who become more expert in killing mosquitoes or the mosquitoes tonight just seem too stupid. They just fly like usual, unaware of the deadly fatal Wei Han's palm nearby. And with a single "piak" or double "piak", they ended up become lifeless corpses. I feel so sorry for them.... Well, actually i'm not. They deserve death, population of mosquitoes has increased too rapidly. If we do not take action to control it, it will disrupt the ecosystem! (of course what i said doesnt have any scientific proof)

I was studying till around 3.50am and i had actually completed the study target of the night. Supposingly, i should be rushing towards my bed, hugging my pillows and sleep like a pig. But, i myself do not know why I'm still awake here, facebooking and blogging. Weird. I dun feel like i'm someone who is having exam tomoro.. (well i just killed the 12th mosquito while typing the previous sentence) It kinda distracted me and i forgot what were i typing. Okay, mentioned bout exam mood, i don't really feel like i'm in the mood of having exams. I take it as a bad indication that my result this sem is going to be a disaster. But it's okay, final semester, and it's time for my cgpa to drop. (of course i wish it could maintain)

Anyway, i suppose it's almost time for me to sleep already. Since my roommate is going to wake up for his morning study session, it's time for me to start my slumber session. We are trying to safeguard the room from any burglary. Nah~ kidding. It's just that i love to sleep late while he couldnt sleep late. (you can say in another way that he loves to sleep early but i couldnt sleep early). For those who are having exams, good luck for you all if u read my post. Else, u dun get the good luck wish from me. haha. (i'm reading it as well, so i definitely get good luck wish from myself, YAY!)


mushroom said...

all the best for your final too, mosquito-killer