Friday, March 18, 2011

Fading Friendship

Today, one of my batchmate, Yeng Lee said to me this sentence: "You are going to graduate soon; how is it?" At that moment, i didn't think much about it. But now, there's the 'fading friendship' thought swirling in my mind.

Graduating signifies another change of phase in our lives. Just like graduating in primary school and secondary school, both gave me some special thoughts and realization. And this time it is about fading friendship. Anyway, we all know friends are just come-and-go thingy, no one is going to be with around you forever. However, it is still hard to let go of some friends who are so fun and happy to be with.

This time, the focus is around the uni-mates. Honestly, there are some friends that i do not even bother about if they've gone missing forever. (yeah, i'm such a cruel person). But of course, some of my friends are really hard to let go, as they gave me a wonderful memory when we used to hang out together. Despite how joyous those moments were, i know that the moment is not going to 'repeat' itself. Sadly, to some of my friends, especially my batchmates, our friendship has already start fading. Nothing i could do but to accept the fact that one's friendship circle is like cinema. When a movie ends, someone has to go, and another party of people will come. Exactly similar to friendship, where the movie symbolizes a stage of life (eg: uni life) and the people represent the friends that you mix with. When this movie ends (when i graduate), some people just have to leave the hall and let some new friends come into my social circle.

It will be lying to you if i say i'm not feeling sad for it. But, i actually feel glad that we used to have such moments, those memorable moments that will stay forever in my mind. I know the next time we meet, we won't be as close as now, but i appreciate what you did with me, and did to me. I did have a lot of fun with you all. Just take this as an early farewell speech before i graduate. lol.

The real world outside the education institution can be nasty. And i'm fully prepared mentally to face all sorts of evil people in the future. I doubt if i could get a real friend that will not backstab me in the future. I hope i could, but there's no guarantee. Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Just make sure you online more often so that i can find relief when i need you all.