Sunday, March 27, 2011


I hope i have this very distant friend (or stranger) who i could share my secrets.

Some secrets are tough to be kept.
And disastrous if they are revealed.

I start to lose control over myself.
And it sucks.


Bong Way Kiat aka SexyMama said...

emo emo....:(
take care there my friend

Bong Way Kiat aka SexyMama said...

Jia You :)

purple.zen said...



find someone u trust....and far....sometimes we really need that kind of friend...

Wei Han said...

@bong,yx, thanks~
@yx, it's a bit different for me, although sometimes i just want people to listen, but most of the time i hope i could get an answer or a solution to the problem i faced.

purple.zen said... depends on different situation....but to me, i believe that for every situation, we do have certain solution for it, is just that we want to share with someone else to get support or maybe some different suggestions...good luck...