Sunday, March 20, 2011

Run Away

I was running away today (Saturday). Running away from all sorts of problems that trouble me. I didnt do anything today. Nothing! Except attended a Career Seed talk from Shell.

My plan for today was awesome: do my fyp poster, study 2 subjects, proceed with my fyp report, and also continue my fyp prototype. And what i did for today was more awesome: playing dota with my housemates; and play Dragon Age 2 at home.

I am not feeling well, seriously. Dizzy since this afternoon, i know i'm getting sick, soon.. And yet i did all those entertainment activities. I know i should rest, but i didnt.

I was not planned to go home though. i wanted to finish some of my work in uni. Yet, i was inspired by my roommate to go home. Actually not really inspired by him, it was me who really wanted to escape the academics mess that i had with me. Run away from them and back to my sanctuary: home.

I'm worried, i'm worried if i still not feeling well tomoro. That'll be a real disaster since i kinda postpone all my work to tomoro. Escaping from problems is good for mind, temporarily; but we all know that we cant solve problem by that. Well, i have to accept the fact that i wasted today, neither i work for my academic stuffs nor i rest to 'heal' myself from the irritating dizziness. Let's just hope i feel healthy tomoro and get to solve some of the messes that i left behind. Good night!