Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Level-5 Emoness

The emoness came suddenly, i did not know what's the real reason of the emoness. My housemates thought my emoness was due to exam stress. And frankly, that's definitely not the main reason of being emo. I'm never afraid of tests anyway.

I am convinced that FYP is part of the factors that causes the emoness. No doubt, it has been making me emo countless times. I'm sure FYP is one of the culprits. What else? Love relationship problem? Nope, my love life has been peaceful and plain like a calm sea since i started 'closed-door' policy. Friendship problems? Uhm.. maybe, but i don't think that's serious enough to make me emo.

Regardless of whatever factors that made me emo, i'm actually feeling quite bad for being emo today. I don't think i made a good 'appearance' to my housemates. I myself hate to see others emo, coz it will affect me too. And i'm sure that they would hate to see me emo as well. It's not one of the greatest emo i had,  of a ranking of 1 to 10, i would rank the emoness tonight to be of level-5. Nevertheless, i'm sure it wouldn't be pleasant to others. I should have locked myself indoor while waiting for the emo period to cool off. Actually, it's not so much of a big deal, it's just that my temper gets very bad when i'm emo; and i do not say words that sound appealing to people (but more to direct sarcasm or criticism); and i wouldnt care about how others feel. I hope i didnt frighten my housemates; this should be the first time they encounter a level-5 emo. lol

I'm still uncertain of what causes and triggers the emoness. But it's okay. I'm used to it since it happened countless times in the past where i didnt know why was i emo. I hope it wouldn't happen again (but i know it will).

And guess what cures the emoness? a match of DotA! I told ya: games always have miracle power in healing emotions! 


SexyMama said...
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SexyMama said...

ai ya...next time emo talk to mama okay? I mean me...lol! or Papa aka tee ping ping

Wei Han said...

i almoz wanted to sms u. Actually i thought i'd sms u. lol. But maybe i didnt. I multicast sms to many people. dun even remember who i sms'ed.
ping hong? he wouldnt understand. waste time explaining.

Shwu Fei said...

Is that call emo?
As you have reason, there's something bothering you, so it is not call emo...is just you are worrying something, right?
For my point of view, emo is you feeling down without any reason which always happen on girl...^^
Hope you can find some express way to pass the period ^0^