Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Belt - One Greatest Invention.

It happened last week. I’m not sure if I had shared with you guys. Just in case you don’t know, I’m a member of PBSM, the one that goes home every week, not the one who saves people during emergency. And on that particular week (last week), I actually forgot to bring something back to UTP from home. Well, it is actually quite normal for me to forget stuffs, used to forget bringing charger, stationery, books, towels, toilet papers, housekeys and etc. But for this case, there’s a new item in the list: I forget to bring my long pants.

I had never anticipated this to happen, first time in my life for forgetting bringing long pants. I realized it few hours later after reaching UTP, and I struggled to try searching for some “long pants” in my cupboard. Good news is, I found a “long pants” in it; bad news is: it is my ugly old fashioned ah-po styled pajamas.
What to do! What to do! I decided to borrow pants from my friends. My roommate hasn’t returned back from home, so I asked from one of my housemates, Chang Hua. And great, he lent me one of his long pants. The problem is, the waist size of the pants is 31, while I usually wear 28. So, I suppose now you understand why I think belt is one of the greatest invention.

Without the belt, the pants can be literally pulled down while I am wearing it. Thanks to belt, its amazing function prevents me from running back home foolishly just to get a pair of long pants! Lesson learned from this event is: try to get your body size compatible with the average size of other people so that you can borrow things that suit you easier.. ermm. Oops.. that’s not exactly the lesson learned. What I mean is, things could get very far off from what you expected, so be ready for any weird stuffs that are going to happen. With proper body size, you should be able to wear any borrowed things, ahhh.. I mean, with proper physical and mental preparation, you could entirely avoid those things or have immediate solutions for the challenges.

And it’s 3am now. This is bad as I sleep quite late recently. :/ I know my roommate wouldn’t be very happy about this, but gosh.. sleeping late is just…… amazingly FUN! Good night~ 

Ps: This is a non-emo post, as 'instructed' by my roommate who was wondering why i didnt blog recently.