Monday, February 28, 2011

Ethics of Care

Today, our lecturer taught us "Ethics of care" in Corporate Ethics class. It is an ethic that emphasizes caring for the concrete well-being of those near to us. Well, i think i seriously lack of it.

Being a very selfish person, i often feel surprised when there are people who care for me as it is something i did not expect in this world of self-centered people. Since i rarely care for others, i wouldnt expect others to care for me either. And due to this, i'm easily touched if there's someone who actually cares about me. 

Of course, some of the cares are fake, as in they are insincere. It's not really difficult to differentiate which care is sincere and which isnt, because i'm quite experienced in giving fake cares too. But well, I am still grateful for the fake cares, at least they tried an effort to fake it out, which is worth being thankful of (although it wouldnt make me feel touched)

Would i ever change from a self-centered person to another Mother Teresa? I wonder.

The world has been too nice to me, and perhaps i should let go of some of my self-interest and try to sacrifice for others. We cannot always be the one who Receives all the time, someone has to be the one who Gives sometimes right?  That's a typical "easy to say; difficult to implement" statement.


SexyMama said...

ha ha..i value our friendship as something that should be preserved
thats why i comment your blog all the time! wkakaka

-ethics of care