Monday, February 7, 2011

It is CNY! Nope.. it WAS CNY.

Although CNY lasts for 15 days, it is over for most of us. CNY is a very significant festival to students. It indicates that after this CNY holiday, students will have to suffer greatly to all the things that they had delayed/postponed/ignored before CNY.

New year, new start... but old assignments still have to be completed. The world is cruel, assignments are like debt from 'big ear hole'. They would not stop chasing after you until you return the debt. And of course, while you are in the process of returning the 'debt', new 'debts' would have waiting for you; just imagine your 'big ear hole' teacher/lecturer is grinning evilly behind a dark curtain.

Nevertheless, we have to accept the fact that CNY is indeed over. And the suffering time has finally here. There is no escape, it's time to work your ass out to pay off the debts. (well, probably you wouldnt need your ass to pay off the debts, unless....) oh.. this is just bad, i realize i'm getting more vulgar. Just forget that i ever typed those things.

One great thing about CNY is, besides it gives me angpau, which in turn means i would have more pocket money, it also indicates that i'm young. It is so obvious by seeing how many new pimples are 'born' on my face. They are my youth symbols. Thanks to them, now i look more masculine as i have many scars... on my face. Not like Squall's scar in Final Fantasy 8 though. Mine is cooler, it reminds people of our amazing and wonderful moon's.... surface.

As i mentioned in facebook, it's time to join campaign "tak nak pimples". I know i'm young, but it's time to move on. These pimples should be given to those people who are in need. Me? thank you very much, but i had more than enough. Let's start from sleeping early. and yeah, i know i couldnt manage to sleep early usually. So, this again proves that saying it is much easier than doing it. Another reason why i'm so talkative. (totally out of topic)

Okay, it's time to sleep. Happy "CNY over"! Let's embrace our suffering! May you survive the upcoming tortures and anguish.


KahJoon_AJ said...

omg!i am still having my cny holiday!hehe
btw,really got tak nak pimple kempen ar?where is it??

Wei Han said...

so nice ur holiday... give some to me pls. lol