Monday, January 31, 2011

Mountain Climbing (Walking)

This is an unexpected blog post as i originally would not have written this post.
Why did i write this post? this is because there's a special request from one of the "climbmates" that he wants to sleep 15 more minutes. lol. It is really difficult to wake up such early, i admit. But i had to. And since he has the courage to request for a delay, I granted him. haha

Okay, i had just given him a call that he had to wake up or else we will be climbing under a big hot sun. Anyway, i decided to skip class due to this healthy event. (actually my parents force me to, keep saying i didnt do exercise and stuffs...) I still feel a bit guilty though, for skipping class out of no reason. But, i don't think i will ever regret. If the lecturers are going to give pop quizzes on these 2 days, i had to say: they DISCRIMINATE chinese.

Okay, 10 more minutes, what should i write here? Okay la.. the more i write the more i feel sleepy. lol. *yawn*. Let's hope i can drive there safely. Bukit Kledang, here i come. Oh ya, good morning all!


Xjion89 said...

Happy Chinese New year!
Hv a great rabbit year!
hv fun walking Mount Kledang!~