Sunday, February 20, 2011

My batchmate/housemate?

Sunday night... You know what Sunday night means to me? It's a typical Emo night for me. As usual, i'm slightly emo now but fortunately, I'm just slightly emo.

I was actually quite grateful that my batchmates asked me out for dinner yesterday night. It was a little bit far, my original intention was to create a "i am busy" excuse and skip it. However, they are my batchmates, who i thought they had long forgotten me. Instead of indulging myself into the world of PC games, i know i should go out to join them. I need to socialize, rather than doing the laptop-facing activities that i do all the while. I know i'm lonely too, it's great to meet friends and laugh over stupid jokes. Oh well, most of the time i was the only one laughing. I dun understand why they didnt find it funny. Or perhaps i'm just too happy to meet them, that keeps me cheerful.

It has been sometime since i spend time with my batchmates. Well, as an IT student, we will just have that 'gap' after our internship period. Internship was the time we never meet each other for more than 1 year. And yeah, i felt so batchmateless last semester. It is difficult, as my batchmates are going to graduate later than me while i graduate together with seniors (engineering). Sometimes i feel i'm more like the batchmate of my seniors instead. Maybe others wouldnt feel the situation and feeling i had, i sometimes do not know where should i put my 'loyalty' to. My batchmates? or my seniors who had internship and graduate together with me? This is just so weird. Simple example of a dilemma i face is to choose who should i have my dinner with: My housemates (seniors) or my batchmates.. Sometimes it's just hard to decide and select. And probably my batchmates too felt that i was 'away' and 'disloyal' to them already. And that's the reason why i feel so joyous when they asked me for dinner last night.

How about my coursemates? I have 3 chinese coursemates. Sadly, one goes missing, i suppose he has gone to the LOST world and had some fun with some dinosaurs. Another coursemate, taking different subjects and timeslot which make us hard to meet with. And yeah, he is introvert, locking himself in his room watching drama all days and nights. So the third one, my 'true' coursemate, we will only interact with each other only regarding academic stuffs. We have too much of different thoughts and opinions to talk about the other stuffs.

Hmmm... despite all those, i am still glad that i met them and befriended them. All of them are (used to be) close with me, will never forget them after i graduate. The people are the only one that i will miss after i grad. (well, as if i have graduated now) Few more months left, let's appreciate and cherish the little time we have.