Friday, February 25, 2011

the Emo bin? not for this post!

My roommate said, i had been writing too many emo posts, and i might as well change the name of the blog to emo bin instead of memory bin. So, i decided to write something non-emo this time. Frankly, at this moment, i still havent thought of what i wanted to write. Hmm... give me few seconds to think...

Let's talk about something funny:
"It was winter... and a bird was flying and suddenly it fell dead due to the coldness..."
erm.. funny right? if you've been 'cold'ed, then it's alright. If you are still wondering what the story means, then probably u gotta go meet more people and interact more often. It's just a typical cold joke.

Okay, let's be serious. I am still not sure what should i write. Maybe i should blog about that, yesterday a friend of mine gave me an i-shuffle. I was quite touched seriously. The most expensive gift that i receive from friend, and it is not a Shared gift. (as in a gift that a bunch of people shares the cost)  Thanks to that friend, although i havent started using it yet (but at least i downloaded itunes). Sometimes i just feel blissful for being so blessed. My life has been too good until i would get frustrated for tiny-miny problems and issues. :-/

Life is a long road. Can I presume the road is always smooth and safe? lol, suddenly the mood of the post is turning into a more solemn and emo atmosphere. Let's leave it then. One advice: There are always friends who are very nice to you despite how you treat them. Find out those friends and treat them nicely. What for treating some other friends very nice while they didn't even care to bother? For those friends who you treated them very well but never give you back the treatment you think you deserve, just forget about them, live your life man. You don't need them!

ps: i guess i can really change the blogname into Emo Bin already. lol


SexyMama said...

ha ha ha..emo lagi pule!