Friday, July 23, 2010

Lazy to answer your "How is/was your internship?" questions

As title indicates.

~the End~

nah.. my post wont be so short. lol. I'm getting sick to answer the similar question over and over again. This is the history of how i answered "How is/was your internship?" question.

Q: How is/was your internship?

A1: Not bad, I experienced a lot of things. It might be more than what I had expected. Learned a lot things too, though not all are related to studies.

A2: Quite fun, no nid to study and go for quizzes and tests. but has very short holiday. :(

A3: Not bad, learned quite a lot.

A4: Experience a lot things.

A5: Quite fun. 

A6: Not bad.

A6: Fine. 

Above is the evolution of how i answer the questions.  lol

If you read this post, I would suggest you to ask something different, for example, have you prepared for your new semester? What is the best part of internship? Would you miss anything from internship? What did u do in the weekends during internship? I'm gonna fu yan u if u ask me how was my internship, seriously. lol


KahJoon_AJ said...

thank godness I never ask u bout that!haha....coz I am not interested pun!XD
first i thought the title was
"Lazy to answer your "How is/was your RELATIONship?" questions",and it gave me a shock when I saw the 'THE END' below there...haha

SexyMama said...

This post only motivated me to ask u the same question again when i see u in UTP!