Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Positive & Negative emotions

*warning: I feel it's necessary to warn the readers before you read the post. It is a plain text post and mostly filled with my own opinion and my personal problem. Surprisingly, i did not crap at all in this post. And to certain people, it will be very dull. So, if you think you might not enjoy reading it, this is your chance to close the window and do whatever you like to do. It isnt a cheerful post, thanks.

In my opinion, humans without emotions are just not humans. Thus, i might feel you are a little robot if your EQ or emotion management is over well handled. I might say "Geez, u are so robot..." or in my normal oral speaking, i am more likely to say "yer, why are u so wooden?" or "why are u so fake".  However, just so that you know, despite i said that you are very robotic.. deep down i actually wish i could handle my emotions better.

Emotions are like disease... It spreads like a plague, everyone can be easily affected by it. It could be something good, for example like happiness, it's like one of the easiest emotion to be spread. On the other hand, sadness, depression, sorrow, disappointment and other negative emotions are equally easy to 'plague' others. And Emotion Management is about how to manage your emotions, in the extend that it wont get easily affected by positive emotion & negative emotions.

I admit i am emotional. I become happy easily and sad easily. It's always in a mood swing. I was grateful of this because in my first 18 years, I mostly in the happy mood. Thus, i easily get happy and I am not so prone to (negative) emoness. However, since 19 onwards, the rate of getting emo drastically increase to the extend that I fear. Fortunately, i would say at the moment, happiness rate is still higher than sadness rate. However, seeing the trend of the emoness rate graph, it's very likely that the sadness rate will be higher than happiness rate soon.   

And now, on my 21st year of living, i realize the importance of Emotion management. I wish to only get affected by feeling of happiness but not influenced by negative feelings at all. But I know it's impossible. Happiness and sadness usually has some sort of balance. The more you feel happy, the tendency of feeling sad is higher. Thus, to reduce sadness, happiness has to be kinda restricted.  I used to ask one of my friends: "dun u feel bizzare to limit urself to be 'over-happy?" In fact, at that time i did not understand the existence of being 'over-happy'. But now, I not saying that i understand it.. but i start to feel there has some sort of logic behind it. Not too late, i hope.

I admit i recently got emo easily and frequently. And i know it would have the potential to hurt my friends and family around me. ( i knew i became very cruel when i am emo).  I love to listen to emo songs... coz listen emo songs while you are emo could be something enjoyable.. However, the only drawback is it will cause you continue be emo. My friend advised me, emo is sometimes enjoyable, but you must know how to de-emo it. And sadly, I still dunno the ways. Hmmm... what can i do?


SengYee said...

Emo is not good for people around you..
that was what i felt...XD

Wei Han said...

true true..
lol.. but if u read my previous post.. u will notice that.. i am very selfish..esp when i'm moody. haha.

Xjion89 said...

haiz, i think ppl nw emo easily, nt juz u~~~so, when emo, shud listen to less emo songs~~~