Monday, July 26, 2010

The nerdy look

Yeah, returning to uni, i aso back to the nerdy look. (if you think i have the 'nerd look' even before i returned to uni, i am not going to argue with you, coz u are probably right. lol)

I dunno why. I have this perception, in uni, one must not look very nice. I will try to look as normal as possible, those that people wouldnt even notice my existence. Sometimes, when i wear a little bit nicer, people will start asking me bla bla questions. very annoying. lol. 

I think not everyone will agree with me about the 'nerdy look in campus' thought. But i'm sure the majority of the utpians are like tat. Few of us will actually 'decorate' ourselves in campus. That's why u always hear ppl saying UTPians dun have lengzai and lenglui. lol.

By the way, i was late for my first class. A bit unexpected since i am such a discipline person. hahaha.. I love Monday, only 2 hours class. And for today, the 1-hour class later is canceled. Hooray. Finally could enjoy afternoon nap.. Jz how long i never took simple & nice afternoon nap.

I always try to insist each blog post to include at least one pic. Pure text is jz a bit dull for most readers.. haha.. and i wouldnt miss the opportunity to include my own picture in the blog.. hahahah.. Present to you: my nerdy look! lol


Xjion89 said...

whre got nerdy look?!
u shud wear a thick glasses..hahah^^

Wei Han said...

lol.. mayb u have to see my attire to feel that.
my new specs is very unnerdy.. lol. and i dunno dumped my old specs to where d. lol