Sunday, July 25, 2010

New semester, so what now?

"What can you do when u are bored while driving through a long journey alone? You may try this, buy McD at drivethrough, and eat french fries while driving. It's just similar to how you eat popcorn while watching movie. The difference is ur popcorn = fries and ur movie = cars and roads in front. Definitely cure ur boredom.. drink some coke while if your throat feels too dry. No nid to drive fast or get impatient by stupid drivers ahead. Just sitback, move ur steering with one hand, and another hand grabbing fries. Total enjoyment!" 

Well,  above is nothing related to the title of the blog anyway. 

Entering my final year, it feels both excited and stressed. Excited as graduation is around the corner; stressed as things are gonna be quite different this semester.  The differences can be seen below:

  1. Working life -> Study life - It's just so different that u gonna start loading stuffs into your brain and printing them out on the exam papers.
  2. KL life -> Tronoh life - omg, back to secluded jungle. Can experience wild life and evil bugs.. not that i would enjoy it.
  3. Final year - Final year means will have final year project. And totally no clue about what i intend to do.. and lazy to care (yet).
  4. Batchmates gone internship - it's my fellow batchmates' turn to go internship, meaning i'm gonna be mr. lonely.
  5. New room & roommate - Moving from v4 to v5.. whatever. new roommate.. whatever~

Looking at the rain outside the window, i just feel lazy to do anything. (to be honest, i feel lazy all the time, lol). Lying on the bed and listen to music maybe? waiting for my stranger roommate to arrive? sleep? read novels? duh~ so what now?

my new room