Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What should wei han do in a pleasant afternoon?

Before answering the question, let's have a background intro on Wei Han. Anyway, Wei Han is me (jz in case u duno) He is 21 years old and in his final year. He likes to play pc games... and that usually drives him mad while he's playing. Mad in a sense that he wil ignore everything else. His other interest is reading novels; he is even more mad while reading novel. He wont stop reading until he finished the novel and that usually will consume him 3-5 hours per book.

Wei Han doesnt like study. but he is forced to when there's quiz or test. He doesnt like to sleep either (if possible). However, energy drains too fast sometimes. He only slps when he's tired. Online and listen to music is what he will do when he lazy to study and he feels guilty to play games or read novels.

So, here's the question: 

If you are Wei Han, what will you do in a pleasant afternoon if you dont have class? (He has a test, a presentation and a report to submit next week)
A) play pc games
B) read novels
C) study
D) sleep
E) online + listen music


To answer this question, you have to think like Wei Han. Please choose your answer before you read the following. (dont cheat)

Choose A? play pc games... so tempting! however, this is what irrational Wei Han will do. To waste a pleasant afternoon like this? no way.

Choose B? Read novels? even irrational Wei Han wont do this. Read novels will drive him insane, he knows it. So, unless he is very free, he wouldnt read novel. Since next week, he has to submit report, have a test and presentation, the only reason he will read novel is because he is CRAZY already! 

Choose C? Study! Wei Han hates studying. but... ...  there is no 'but'. lol. He simply wont study unless he is very stressed. And Wei Han does not like to study in the afternoon, just for your information.

Choose D?  Sleep... Bingo, that's the right answer. Explanation will be given later.

Choose E? online + listen music. Wei Han will do this if he has limited time. Eg: he has a class in 30 mins time. This is simply the most flexible timing activity of all. He didnt really enjoy online+listen music as much as playing computer and reading novels. 

Answer: D! Why? For a wise Wei Han, he will sleep in the afternoon. (Afternoon is great for nap, isn't it?) Everyone knows, rest is a preparation for longer journey. And that's the whole point. Playing games will exhaust him. Reading novels will destroy him. He hates studying in the afternoon. And he wouldn't want to online and listen music if he has so much time. So, sleep is the best answer.. Sleeping is like pausing his time, increasing his energy for later activities. With enough sleep, he can sleep later at night. With enough sleep, he can focus on doing his work. 

Satisfied with the answer? ;)  Told ya, u gotta think like Wei Han. lol. Ever wonder what i chose today? I chose A... i'm the irrational Wei Han today. so regret for choosing that now. :(


Xjion89 said...

hey, hw abt doing assignment tat wil due next week?~~@@

not even an option...hahaha