Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favourite food in KL

Just to find excuse for myself not to study, here's my second post of today. I think recently i wrote too much 'feeling' posts. So, this time let's try some descriptive post: a post on nice food that i tried in KL while i had my internship. For those who think i am rich after internship, this is the reason why i am poor. The below are my favourite restaurants that I've been:

1. Chilis

I love chilis.. i don't mean it literally. I hate spicy by the way. Chilis has quite a good environment and it's available in Mid Valley and KLCC, kinda easy-accessible. Been to Chilis 4 times during the internship and i found that my favourite food is the Cajun Club Sandwich. (others too expensive d but this is still affordable)

Cajun Club Sandwich

2. Paddington House of Pancakes

I love the pancakes... If you are beginner and you don't know which category is nice, i would advise you to choose pannekoek section, you wont regret. Been here 5 times and tried many different categories, and yet i still feel that pannekoek category is the best.

pannekoek section right page

3. Manhattan Fish Market

I think i tried the food here 4 times. The first time was nice, coz it was under Chinese New Year promotion, so it has a value set that costs around rm26. The other times, mainly tasted their set of 2 or 3 persons. Very heaty and mostly fried seafood. The one that i usually ordered is seafood platter.

Seafood platter

4. TGI Fridays

I love TGI Fridays and I am still craving for it. The reason is because i only ate there ONCE! The timing is always not right as the promotion is only limited on weekdays and I gonna WORK at that time. The promotion of rm29.90 for 1 main dish and 1 side dish is able to fill up more than 1 person's stomach. Please bear in mind. My friend and I ate one set per person and the result is: all the french fries and some other foods were dumped into the rubbish bin. Dont waste food like we do. If i'm not mistaken, the one i ordered is tuscan chicken melt.

Tuscan Chicken Melt

5. Dragon-I and Canton-I

Dragon-I's famous 'xiao long pau' is a must-try. Though it's quite expensive, it costs around rm2.5 per bite. The other food are jz okay okay. Canton-I famous for its wanton mee. And one of my colleague craze for it, so we always eat the food there. One of my senior colleague loves the porridge there, but i never tasted it before. Dragon-I, i guess i only tried twice or thrice but canton-i maybe around 8-10 times. The price is much affordable in canton-i. Wanton mee only rm12, cheap right?

yes.. the tiny bite costs rm2.5
the wanton of canton-i. thumbs up

6. Carl's Junior (jr.)

Compare to McD, u can ask McD to close their stall already in terms of tastiness. However, McD still survives due to its price leadership, two or 3 times cheaper than the standard set in Carls Jr. The portion of Carl's Jr is quite big. And dont get cheated when they ask you if you want to go 'regular' or 'large'. You just tell them, you want 'small' instead of 'regular'. 'Regular' size requires rm1.20 or rm1.50 more. If you have the same stomach size as me, 'small' size should be enough to make you shout: "Very Full!". The fries are very nice. And the beef burgers actually taste nicer (in my opinion).

Sadly, the real burger doesnt look this awesome. Portobello-mushroom burger

In conclusion, these are my favorites. There are some other restaurants like Delicious, Kim Gary, The Appartments, Madam Kwan which I find it okay okay only. Not to mention the cheaper scale food like Burger King, Subway and A&W. (btw, i love the curly fries and root beer of A&W). There are some that i wanted to try but no frens are willing to accompany me like Dome, Tony Romas, Italianese and etc. But right now, right now, i am really craving for TGIF! I dont mind eating Chilis and Carl Jr too. :P

p/s: All pictures here were extracted from other ppl's blog or some websites. It's for personal sharing, hope there's no copyright issue. For more information u can get the url of the picture and refer to the original website. (recently, university very strict with plagiarism, i suppose i have to give credit to those who uploaded the picture too, lol)


Wei Han said...

Shockingly, i forget to give a title to this post!
will be renaming it right now!

ying yang twins said...

YEAY~ carls jr. i lovey lovey!!! TGI too.. u shud ask me teman u dome.. i went to eat it myself.. d nasi lemak taste way nicer than madam kwan's..

Xjion89 said...

wow, hvn't tried carl jr

hahahah, will try soon after this post ooo~~^^