Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is Unbelievable!!!

What happened today was bizarre. Seriously, you wouldnt believe what I'm going to tell you now. Should i say, things were very smooth today? or.. overly smooth? Maybe my luck today is extremely good.

It happens in the morning when I failed to wake up to my 8am class, I woke up at 9am instead. And the class was cancelled. This was just the beginning.

Later I had a group presentation that was 20% coursework marks. I didnt do any preparation and I just came up with inpromptu speech which AMAZINGLY impressed the lecturer. He said very well done for the impromptu speech and complimented me. omg.. so shy that time.

Then,  in the afternoon. When no cafetaria in UTP opens (fasting month), and i was suffering to starvation, suddenly my juniors bought me a KFC. lol. so touching. It was like you receive water when u are in desert. 

Then in the evening, while i finished bathing, i found a 'hidden' rm50 under my bed. It was so weird, unbelievable right? Suddenly bcome rich for no apparent reason.

And just now, i read in elearning that tomoro test was cancelled! lol. so lucky! But that's all for this post, i hope there will be more fortunate events happen later, but too bad, i still gonna continue studying.

Oh ya, forget to mention! i won a I-phone from Digi today. Always the smarter choice!

---the end---

 Ps: Did i just say you are not going to believe what i said? If you didnt believe, you are smart! (in a sense). Let's analyze how well you understand me: firstly, I NEVER fail to wake up to class. NEVER! Secondly, i would NEVER not prepare for a presentation. Thirdly, UTP cafeterias will still open in fasting month.  Fourthly, i will not go and check 'under my bed' for no reason. Even now if the money is really there, i wouldnt know as well. Fifthly, do u think i will still continue studying if test was cancelled? Lastly, i forgive u if u believe everything before, but if u still believe me that i won an Iphone today.... i'm speechless d. Will a person that lucky? and if i'd won one, surely i will be shouting it in facebook d. lol. Anyone get 'zha dao'?  kekeke. 


charles calvin said...

I super zha dao lol....
haih speechless d!!!!

charles calvin said...

I super zha dao lol!!!
really be tahan D lol....
gonna get chain saw n slice myself up lol...

Shwu Fei said...

u got nthg to write d a? =.=
but i like ur humour...lolxxxx~

Wei Han said...

lol.. i didnt expect shwu fei will read it. I actually wrote this post with good intention.
I was having a break after studying 2 chapters, and feel like blogging. And instead of writing emo post, i decided to write a more crappy post that could help ppl distress since now is the test periods.
Anyway, hope u enjoyed and dun feel that u'd wasted ur time for this.

KahJoon_AJ said...

do u know that,it is so coincident!!!!!I get a free rm50 also but it just being blew to my direction by wind n not found under the bed!somemore I got ppl treat me eat domino pizza leh!omg,I like my senior so much!and I win a honda civic leh from blogging so actively!!!!!!wtf!u will see me driving honda civic then n not persona anymore!!!!wait patiently ar!^^

Shwu Fei said...

Haha...keep it on...I like it....^.^V
Is Sarah introduce me....^_^