Sunday, August 8, 2010

F.I.R's Songs (飞儿乐团的歌 ) PART 2

Part two of the previous post, I will share with you and recommend some FIR songs that are very very nice! Also, I will be create a list of my favourite FIR songs, let's see if we have the same liking or not. (this time I typing with English due to a simple reason: I am lazy)

Let me present to you the songs of FIR! Please see the following table:

The table shows the list of songs based on their albums. The songs are not arranged according to its track sequence. Music (without lyrics) are excluded from the list. Never heard of some of the songs listed up there? Let me categorize the songs for you.

The table shows the list of songs organized based on its song type/genre. It is sorted by random order within the category. The table probably means nothing to you right? because you have no idea what is type A,B,C and so on. Below will be some explanation for the types/categories:

  1. Type A contains songs that are fast in rhythm and usually they are sung with a cheerful mood. In other words, those are 'happy' songs. Some of them are related to love relationships, friendships, or it could be some random things. "你的微笑,get high and 纪念日" are among my favorites in this category.
  2. Type B is harder to explain. They are similar in the sense that their main focus is on the chorus (u might say, ahh~ crap.. most songs focus on chorus). Type B is type B because they cant really fit into any other category. I would say "Fly Away, Neverland and Find My way"'s chorus sounds quite the same. And for "Change,I can't go on and 猫头鹰的梦", their chorus makes the listeners very got 'feel'. They aren't emotional songs, they just very 'got feel'. Listen them on your own and see if you would agree with me.
  3. Type C is simple to explain. They are love DUET songs, especially suitable for couples who love to sing K. haha.
  4. Type D contains emo-sad/touching songs. And this kind of songs is the one I love most! Only these type of songs can have long survival period and listeners wont be easily feel bored. They are songs that the longer you listen, the more you will like the songs.
  5. Type E contains songs that the overall song is flat, without 'climax', peaceful and usually slow. Some said they are boring songs. What a cruel way of saying it. Actually, the song "塔罗牌" shouldn't really fit in this group. It is not really a 'flat' song but rather a bizarre song. The songs in this category usually are not favored by people. Most people dislike the songs in this group. However to me, "让我们一起微笑吧" is a really incredible song though almost no one likes this song. lol. Believe me, you listen to it 20 times in a quiet environment. You will love it.
  6. Type F is another kind of emo songs. but they are emo-rock songs. They might not be very 'rock' like you expected. But to differentiate this category with Type D category, these songs are usually not 'sad and touching' but 'alert and dissatisfaction'. The chorus are often sung with shouting/screaming with dissatisfaction or warning (or motivation).
Okay, now my top 5 songs:
no.1: 眷恋
no.2: 真爱地图
no.3: 月牙湾
no.4: 让我们一起微笑吧
no.5: 我们的爱
(almost all are from type D, those are the boring-proof songs)

Okay, let me recommend some really quite nice songs but you probably never heard of because the company hardly promotes and advertises these songs:
  • 眷恋
  • I can't go on
  • Hero
  • 真爱地图
  • Change
What are you waiting for? Faster go download la. lol. But mind that, our tastes could be greatly different, so don't blame me if you find the songs i recommend you aren't nice. But seriously, all my favourite songs now, i did not really like them when I first heard those songs. There are songs that initially you feel they are very nice but later you will get bored of them (such as 荆棘里的花). But for the 5 songs i recommended, they are boring-proof songs. The more you listen, the more you like them. So, why not just give them a try and don't give up so fast. You need to listen a few more times before you can really fall in love with them. Enjoy the songs! :D


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