Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jealousy is something really dangerous. It helps building evil desire... So, we should not be jealous of what others have. but treasure and appreciate what we already have. 

Oh... sure i know that. But, i am still jealous.. This proves that... theory is just simply a theory. In real life, it might not be applicable. Same to my case, i know that's bad and what i should do, but still, i am jealous. lol. "Why i cant be as good as him/her in that field?"  "Why he/she can did so well on that aspect?" Hmm.. jealousnya!

I understand no one is perfect. Definitely i have strengths that others do not have. But still, i am jealous. lol. Jealous of not having some personality or characteristics or skills that i wish to have. You might want to say: yeah.. why dun u work hard to gain those skills instead of doing this useless and unnecessary jealous-ing? Sure, of coz i know that. Being jealous isnt going to help or improve anything. It's just a negative and discouraging feeling. I knew all that! but still! i am jealous.

I must be better than them! kiasu behaviour.. i guess that's the only way to make me stop jealous-ing.. I wonder 10 years later, when i read back this post, would i feel that i behave overly immature and childish? hmm~

oh~ i hate being jealous. zzz