Friday, September 10, 2010

Those Birthday Cards

Do you keep the birthday cards people gave you? I am, at least for a period of time. I was asked by my mom to clean up those birthday cards. On my first thought, i was planning to continue keeping them. However, i understand those cards cannot be kept forever, one day i'm going to get rid of them anyway. Thus, i decided to throw some of them.

Of course, there are cards more 'valuable' than the others. Those cards with 'forwarded messages' were thrown without mercy. For some closer ones, they might deserve to be kept longer. I was reading through all those cards before i decide whether to get rid of them. And HERE COMES THE MAIN POINT OF THE BLOGPOST:

Reading back those cards, it makes me recall many blissful events and friendship. I even got amazed by how close we were last time. Those memory are just so worth remembering. Seeing the closeness we had last time, comparing to the strange and distant friendship we are having now, I am puzzled how could this happen. Nevertheless, I am not sad about it, i understand most relationship fades after sometime. I am glad that at least we had that memory with us and i am grateful that you participated in part of my life.

I never doubt the influence power of friendship. i proudly admit everyone of you helps shaping me to what i am now. (lol, as if i am giving a speech after earning a great achievement). Be good or bad, I thank you all for building my character and continue building it. I know i might be different from how i was last time, i might be more snobbish, more annoying, more impolite maybe? Anyway, i just want to say although i might give up or let go of some fading friendship, but i wont reject any friendship. (i know no 'but' after 'although', it just sounds right) If you feel that our friendship is fading or faded, and you want to rescue it, please inform me, we can do it together!

Of course, saying things is easier than doing them.  I'm not going to guarantee all 'rescue' operations are going to succeed but, at least we try! So, just give me a call (not recommended, i dun really like being called, fyi),  sms, or a message through facebook/msn will do. As long as I am not busy, i will entertain you. :)

Above paragraph may lead to one question from others: "Why not you take initiative to send message or call others instead?" Answers for this question may lead to another long blogpost, but anyway i will answer a little bit here. Yes, i did take initiative sometimes. Some of them turn into a great conversation but some of them just become awkward. It's hard to explain. Besides, there is another one more reason, a critical one: recently i get a little bit anti-social. Lazy to talk to people, lazy to meet new people, lazy to mix with others .... i dunno why, maybe that's what happen after you have a gf? haha. that's just a joke. (though it possibly makes sense, lol) Think about it, after knowing her, i almost never sms anyone else besides her. Power of love?? LoL

Getting a little bit out of topic, anyway, feel free to contact me if you think we should have a rescue operation on our friendship. My phone number is 012-389826312. (if you notice, the number has more than 10 digits. this means.. i am giving a fake number! Please la, I'm not that friendly till reveal my numbers to everyone. Later, too many people want to meet me, then i will have less time to do our 'rescue operation'. lol... before u puke, let me explain that this self-boasting characteristic are something i learned from colleagues during my internship.) Anyway, if you notice, it is getting more and more out of topic, with more and more craps. Just for your information, the word 'anyway' is a very powerful word to divert us back to the main point. So, anyway, i think i'd conveyed all messages i wanted to deliver. All sentences after this sentence are craps.. But if you insist reading it, you can proceed reading it. Dont say i didnt remind u ya.



Wei Han said...

lol. I seriously wonder how many people, after reading my post, wonder where are my 'craps sentences' at the end of the post.

If you are one of them, congratulations! you are one of many who actually loves reading my crap. This proves that you are a person with high taste! LOL. (i suppose this comment is the 'crap sentences' that are missing from the main post)

Xjion89 said...

@@too free alreayd?hahaha