Monday, September 20, 2010

My Resident Evil Dream

This awesome dream happened last night. In the beginning of the dream (at least i thought it was the beginning), I was in this room. Many green waste and bad odour. Well, i was in a dream (which i dunno at that moment), i totally dunno why was i there and what i were doing there. I saw a few of my friends or colleagues (i knew i know them, but they arent anyone in the real world), they are cleaning up the place. I dun exactly know what activities they are doing. Then, there is this warning or reminder to tell us something like final reminder thingy.

I felt sick, it's hard to explain, a bit hard to breathe and wanted to cough and vomit or so. So, i wanted to get some fresh air. I opened the door to the exit, which i wondered why was it so hard to open. Then i went out, and i saw my colleagues all yelled at me. but i couldnt hear them... And suddenly, i mean really suddenly, i know what all these are about. We are infected with virus, we are supposed to stay at the room to self 'cleaning', yeah, i mean suicide so that the virus will not get spreaded to outside world.

I wanted to get back to the room, but it was too late, the door couldnt be opened anymore. And cruel indeed, i saw my friends in the room were all burned alive. I was not really sad at the moment, though i could somehow heard their scream of pain. I felt guilty, coz literally, i spread the virus to the outside world. I continue coughed a while, and have the feeling of nausea. I gotta tell someone else, and i looked like a zombie. I went to the main gate and trying to search for someone that i could tell what had happened. But they are just general public, and i do not know them, so i fainted a while on the ground.

I woke up due to the strong flashes, i opened my eyes and found many reporters taking picture in front. and there are a huge crowd staring at me with police or so. Yeah, yeah, i know i look like a zombie but i was not yet a zombie. Anyway, i found the company's CEO or what among the crowd. She definitely looks like a resident evil character. Anyway, i was still inside the building and the crowd was outside the building separated by the main gate. The CEO came forward and talked to me (she knows me, we are friends, i guess). Then i told her what happened, about the experiement failure, and the virus spread and what she should do. And i feel like dying.

She nodded her head and back away.. After i achived my mission, which is telling the last words, i stop struggling and lie down and died. And here's the part i woke up from dream. Awesome dream right? Luckily i didnt continue dreaming seeing how i bcome zombie and bite ppl and transform other ppl to zombies and continue bite ppl's scene. that will be a geli, even though the zombie is myself.

This story actually brings me some meaning. In some of the cases, we made mistakes accidentally but not intentionally. It's who to be blamed if things happen like that? Hmm.. i certainly blame myself for causing the virus spread. but.. by blaming myself, how does it help the situation? it doesnt. And since it already happens, what can i do to prevent the virus spread? nothing. hmmm~